Vortex water - cooled mill

- Aug 02, 2019-

  Vortex water - cooled crusher makes use of the high speed relative motion between moving teeth to crush the teeth, friction and impact between materials. The machine is simple in structure, firm, smooth in operation and good in crushing effect. The inner surface of the machine shell is smooth through machining, which changes the phenomenon of rough inner wall and powder accumulation before, and makes the production of medicine, food and chemical industry more in line with the national standard.

Structure principle

Inside the machine, the crushing rotor composed of 4 sets of cutter heads and 56 blades is supported on the bearing seat of the left and right end caps for high-speed rotation, which makes the tooth shape lining plate of solid material particles in the inner cavity and the blade affected by extrusion, tearing, collision, shearing and other mechanisms, so as to achieve the purpose of crushing. At the same time, the high-speed rotation of large and small impellers at both ends of the rotor makes the crushed particles enter smoothly (with large clearance) to (with small clearance) through the vortex effect in the form of cavity between the inlet and outlet, so as to realize crushing and refinement. In order to limit the excessive temperature in the cavity, improve the crushing efficiency, and prevent particles from sticking to the cavity, sticking to the knife, blocking teeth and clumping, the water jacket of 4 groups of wide cavities on the surface of the cavity is forced to water cooling, so that the temperature in the cavity is controlled at a lower limit.

Use an overview

(1) vortex water-cooled crusher, which is suitable for crushing PVC, PET, PE, PC, LDPE, HDPE and other plastics, plywood, resin, inorganic minerals, Chinese and western medicines, coatings, dyes, grains, food industry and other materials. The fineness after crushing can reach 200 mesh.

(2) this product is novel in structure, with wide cavity and water jacket structure, and has four groups of cooling channels, with ideal cooling effect, which can effectively prevent powder from sticking to cavity and sticking force. Due to the strict dynamic balance checking process, the machine runs smoothly, with low noise, long service life, small size, easy installation, energy saving, high output, low failure rate, suitable for crushing solid materials in various industries.

The performance characteristics of

Vortex water - cooled crusher is a new product developed and produced by introducing Japanese technology. Its main performance in the domestic leading. It is suitable for crushing PVC, PE, PET, PC, LDPE, HDPE and other plastics, bakelwood, resin, inorganic minerals, Chinese and western medicines, coatings, electric jade powder, grain, food industry and other materials, the fineness after crushing can reach 200 mesh.