Water bottle delabeling machine

- Nov 07, 2019-

Imported GW1 alloy with high hardness, 355 in total;Native scientific design, total captain 3500 mm wide and 1200 mm to 1450 mm high, adopts full copper motor, motor power: 11 KW, high efficiency and energy saving, cover an area of an area small, high capacity is an essential part of clean water bottles recycling a efficient, applicable, practical and ideal energy-efficient equipment equipment, all 64 fixed knife is made of high quality high hardness alloy steel plate to open tooth, tooth on each plate open 12, pushed by a spiral layout, dynamic effective cooperation on the knife, peel paper clean degree of more than 98%, greatly reduce human, improve the production capacity.


I. main features:

1. Adopt imported special tool steel to refine the tool, the tool gap can be adjusted, can be repeated grinding, durable.

2. Use high strength steel screws to tighten the blade and knife base, strong bearing capacity.

3. Low speed, sound insulation, minimal noise.

4. The motor is equipped with over-load protection and power supply interlock protection device to double protect the safety of the motor and the operator.

5. The feeding hopper adopts optimized design and special anti-rust treatment to avoid material leakage and pollution in the crushing process.

6. Separate design, hopper, main body, screen screen base is easy to disassemble cleaning materials.

7.The perfect design of the discharging device makes it very convenient for the operator to clean.

8. Stepped moving knife design, crushing force