Pet Bottle Label and Cap Removing Machine

Pet Bottle Label and Cap Removing Machine

Quality Assurance:
The company has passed the ISO 9001 quality management system certification, has more than 20 Patent certificates, and has passed the CE certification of EU machinery.
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Product Details

1. Product characteristics:

This machine is mainly used for separating label paper of PET plastic bottles. It is one of the necessary auxiliary equipment before crushing and further cleaning of PET bottles. PET bottle off-labeling machine is composed of two parts.

2. Product introduction:

Considering energy saving and environmental protection, different schemes and processes are adopted to recover different waste plastics. Provide a complete set of sorting conveyor belt, high-speed cleaning machine, plastic surface sticker label removal, metal separator, water recycling treatment system, etc.

3. Working Principle:

This set is developed by introducing, digesting and absorbing advanced concepts and technologies at home and abroad, combining with the needs of today's development and the characteristics of waste plastics recycling. It can meet the environmental protection requirements of waste plastics recycling at home and abroad. .

4.Product Specification:

The whole set of equipment has high automation, low power consumption, high output, and clean material. All the equipments are certified by CE, and different combinations can be selected according to different kinds of raw materials and cleaning quality requirements of TV case to meet the needs of different users.

5.Plastic crusher multifunctional crusher combined with the industry's advanced experience after the transformation of the production of new equipment, with light quality, low energy consumption, good blade material, long service life, easy cleaning and other advantages. The case is processed by fine welding of high quality steel plate, the knife body is designed with ladder shape and six separate knives, and the blades are forged and quenched by high quality carbon steel, which makes them sharp, wear-resistant and durable. , suitable for hard plastics with a thickness of 20mm or less, can be cleaned at the same time with water according to the needs of customers, with better effect.

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