Small-scale Label Remover Machine

Small-scale Label Remover Machine

The label remover machine specializes in stripping all kinds of PET whole bottle (or flattened bottle) outer packaging sleeve label paper design, which is one of the ideal auxiliary equipment necessary for PET bottle material crushing and further cleaning process. Mainly to meet the production needs of the PET bottle off-label section on the PET cleaning line. The successful development of this product has completely changed the status quo of manual stripping in the past. At the same time, it has greatly improved production efficiency, reduced labor intensity, and will produce good economic and social benefits.
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Product Details

The labeling machine is a device that peels off the label paper on various types of PET bottles, and at the same time performs preliminary rinsing with the dirt and dirt, and secondly, removes part of the PP bottle cap. Its main uses are:

1. Separate the PET bottle body from the label paper.

2. The pre-smashing work of the PET production line before the crushing.

3. To finally reduce the PVC content of PET.

4. Greatly improve work efficiency and replace manual production.

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