Application Of Plastic Crusher Equipment

- Jun 28, 2019-

Time saving: immediate recovery within 30 seconds, no need to wait for centralized crushing, and clean, clean;

Improved quality: the nozzle material will suffer oxidation and moisture (absorption of water) after being taken out at high temperature, which will damage the physical properties. The immediate recovery within 30 seconds can reduce the physical strength and reduce the damage of color and luster

Save money: short time recycling, avoid pollution, mixing caused by the defect rate, can reduce plastic, labor, management, storage, material purchase funds waste and loss;

Wide application: suitable for crushing and recycling soft and hard materials such as PU, PVC, PC and ABC;

Easy to use: easy to disassemble design, easy to change colors and materials, small and small space, suitable for small workshop next to the machine;

Adopt medium speed motor, low noise, low energy consumption; The motor is equipped with overload protection device, and power interlock protection system, safe and reliable operation and cleaning;

Optional accessories (1. Equipped with double stainless steel bucket).

Check processing

1, the motor, reducer, hydraulic coupling, head, tail and other parts of the connection must be complete, intact, tight. Reducer, hydraulic device shaft section should not seep oil, oil leakage, the amount of oil to be appropriate.

2, the signal must be sensitive and reliable, no signal is not allowed to start. Spray sprinklers should be kept intact.

3. Power cables and operating lines must be neatly hung without squeezing;

4. Coal, gangue, debris, motor and reducer dust near the head must be cleaned;

5, working face scraper conveyor head and transfer machine tail overlap should be appropriate;

6, scraper chain plate is appropriate, scraper and screws must be fully tightened;

7, the transfer machine walking car must be stable and reliable;

8, transfer machine bridge part of the case, the operation of each department should be no abnormal sound, scraper, chain, link ring should be no torsion, twist twist, bending deformation;

9, crusher, crusher roadway support must be intact, firm.

10, the crusher safety protection network and protection device, to ensure that no deformation and failure, safe and reliable;

11, transfer machine, crusher at the roadway support must be intact, firm.