Can Crusher

- Dec 12, 2019-

The single-spindle shredder is used for crushing large hollow materials (large containers such as plastic drums) and various mixed wastes, especially those containing metals, or for pre-crushing the wastes containing silt and other easily worn tools.The tool thickness and the number of claws can be changed according to different materials.Crushing hollow material can be equipped with a pressing device to increase production.Rotating screen can be added to control the size of the material.Low speed operation, noise and dust can achieve higher environmental standards.Main tear plastic packaging drum, rubber tire, automobile bumper, basket material, large roll film, large bundle agricultural film plastic film greenhouse film, large bundle packaging plastic film, large bundle packaging bag woven bag, roll film, tepak box, kangmei bag, paper, fiber, wood, refrigerator shell and so on.The machine has high yield, low energy consumption, low noise, low dust etc, and widely used in all kinds of solid waste, plastics, waste household appliances, paper, leather, wood, rubber and other coarse crushing shredding machine is my company to absorb a large number of advanced technology combined with long-term practice and developed a new type of product, this machine is mainly for thick, toughening, large material (a large, thick wall pipe material waste) crushing and recycling.The machine adopts the structure of close row moving knife, with hydraulic drive and pushing material feeding machine, which has the characteristics of strong crushing ability and high efficiency, ensuring the operation of the system.