China's Conveyor Belt Industry Needs Upgrading

- Jul 03, 2018-

Li hong, secretary general of pipe belt branch of China rubber industry association, said that the upgrading of conveyor belt products is to develop layered fabric core conveyor belt and low-smoke and low-toxic flame retardant conveyor belt that can meet the needs of underground coal mines, and to industrialize straight through and straight through belt conveyor belt. We will raise the technical level of new types of conveyor belts, such as tubular conveyor belts and high-angle conveyor belts, and expand their market share. Second, we will develop new products that are energy efficient, safe and environmentally friendly to replace the old ones. Light conveyor belt is a fine product in the conveyor belt, with less investment, low energy consumption, high technical content and high added value. With the economic development, scientific and technological progress and the improvement of modernization, the market demand for light conveyor belt is increasingly large, to guide users to pay attention to the use of light conveyor belt. Third, strengthen the research and development of special purpose conveyor belt, and further develop the pattern, flapper, flapper, lift and other forms of large Angle conveyor belt and intelligent multi-functional tearing belt.

In 2010, the rubber conveyor belt industry will fully implement product upgrading, and at the same time to adjust and improve the existing production process, improve the process of mechanization, automation, continuity and rationality, as well as the stability of product quality.