Double Shaft Mill

- Jul 26, 2019-

Double shaft crusher, this machine is equivalent to two hammer break two into one, reasonable combination into a whole, two sets of rotors used in tandem.

Main technical parameters:

Output particle size ≤3 mm (about 80% for less than 2 mm);

Allowable moisture content of material: no requirement;

Motor power: 37+45 kw;

External size: 3625×1314×2065 (mm);

Main technical parameters:

Model: SCF600 x 400;

Feed size ≤100 mm;

Output particle size ≤3 mm (about 90% of the total size is less than 2 mm);

Production capacity: 15-25 tons/hour;

Allowable moisture content of material: no requirement;

Motor power: 18.5+22 kw;

External size: 2665×725×16985 (mm).

Main description:

Using waste rock and cinder as additives and internal fuel for brick factories; Using waste rock, shale to produce standard brick and hollow brick has been an important measure in line with national policy and benefit the society. But the comminution of these materials, especially the comminution of wet materials, is always a difficult problem in the normal production of brick factories.

After long-term investigation, careful design and bold practice, "zhengda machinery" has successfully developed and produced a utility model patent product -- double-stage siderless crusher, which can easily crush high-wet coal gangue, shale, coal slag and other materials.

This machine is equivalent to two hammering and combining into one, reasonably combined into a whole, two sets of rotors used in series, with the following characteristics:

The upper and lower stages of the double rotor are crushed

Two sets of rotors connected with each other, so that the material broken by the superior rotor production is rapidly rotating the hammer head of the lower rotor again fine, the cavity material collision each other at a rapid speed, when the fans broken each other, to hammer powder material, powder material effect, directly discharged.

Second, there is no grate bottom, high humidity material, never blocking

The traditional mill with grate sieve plate is not suitable for raw materials with water content higher than 8%. When the water content of raw materials is higher than 10%, it is easy to cause serious blockage, so that the hammer head cannot rotate, the material cannot be discharged, or even the motor can be burnt out, which seriously affects the production.

This machine is designed without the bottom of sieve mesh, no strict requirements on the moisture content of the material, there is no problem of blocking the sieve plate by paste, and there is no problem of fine powder not being discharged in time and repeated crushing, so the crushing efficiency is high, there is no invalid wear phenomenon of hammer head. High alloy wear resistant hammer head.