Freeze Grinding

- Jul 26, 2019-

  1. Crushing is the process of crushing large solid materials into suitable degree or fine powder by means of mechanical force. Its purpose is to reduce particle size, increase specific surface area, improve dissolution and bioavailability of insoluble drugs, and improve dispersion of drugs in preparations.

  2. Crushing principle

    Through the use of cold source and material for heat exchange; Cool the material to brittle state; After embrittlement, the materials become fine particles after countless impacts through the crushing mechanism in the crushing chamber, and the fineness of the materials after crushing can reach the micron level (600~2000 mesh). Refrigerant can be selected according to the performance of materials. For example, the lowest cooling temperature of liquid nitrogen as refrigerant can reach minus 196 degrees Celsius, and its cooling speed is very fast. It is the preferred coolant for some materials requiring rapid cooling and low embrittlement temperature. For materials with low cooling embrittlement temperature requirements, compressed air or pre-cold air of air conditioner can be used to generate heat exchange with materials.

  3. Structural components

    A, YM series crusher USES pre-cooling bin to pre-cool materials. The pre-cooling bin is equipped with precision liquid gas gasification device, which forces the material to cool during the process of liquid gas gasification.

    B. Screw feeder is used to feed the materials that have reached cooling and embrittlement evenly into the crusher cavity.

    C, vice guarantee independent rolling machine working normally in low temperature environment, refrigerant injection again compensation for material in the process of crushing the heat generated by the phase offset, refrigerant injection through cryogenic valves adjustment, crushing material which is caused by high pressure air flow and the expansion of the air pressure of the refrigerant loss through the shredder static classifier rotate to window machine chamber. After crushing, the material reaches the required fineness and enters the discharge system along with the airflow. The coarse material hits the static classifier blade and bounces back to the crusher chamber, achieving the coarse step grading effect.

    D. Discharging traction system: air traction mode is adopted to discharge crushed materials from the host through pipes.

    E. Classification of internal airflow: the material and expansion airflow are fed into the external classifier through induced draft fan, and the rotation speed of classifier impeller is adjusted to reach the fineness we need. The use of the internal classifier reduces the time of material return to temperature, reduces labor, shortens the production cycle and reduces the use site, and the crushed materials can be directly packaged and transported. Customers can choose the inner screen classification method according to the actual needs; This method is suitable for ultrafine powder grading, and can achieve perfect effect in 200 mesh and above.

    F. Internal screen sieve grading method: the internal screen grading method is conducted through the dynamic screen grading method installed in the system. It is the same as the internal flow classification method, which is suitable for the production of particles below 200 mesh classification.

    G. After classification, the coarse materials are imported into the feeding mechanism through the pipe to the pulverizer for re-crushing, and the fine materials are entered into the cyclone separator, which separates the materials from the air, and the materials are deposited on the bottom of the cyclone separator through rotation.

    H. Reflux booster pump: the reflux gas in the production process of general machinery is most of the cold source will flow out to the outlet with our finished products. We use the reflux booster pump to collect the return gas, and re-pressurize the input system before the area, booster pump output power regulation to balance the outlet air, the most effective use of the cold source.

    I. Backflow air replenishment and reuse system: the backflow gas is transported by sanitary pipe and valve, and the material is cooled by the way of upper blowout at the bottom of the cold bin, and the air replenishment is provided to the host machine at the same time. Install valves in each functional area for adjustment.

    J. The inclined Angle discharge system is adopted to ensure that the air of the cyclone separator will not flow out of the discharge port.

    K. The mixture of gas and matter with rare material particles flowing from the cyclone separator re-enters the second cyclone separation, and the final separation will transfer the air flow with a certain cold source through the pipeline to the inlet of the main engine of the crusher.

    L. Electrical control: full frequency conversion power supply is adopted to control the motor speed in each area, so as to realize wide range adjustment of feeding speed; Adjust the linear speed of the main engine (different speed is required to crush different materials and reach different particle states), adjust the traction power of airflow; Backflow boost power regulation; Discharge speed adjustment and other effects.

  4. The main advantages

    The machine by high performance liquid gas gasification device, inter-cooled agent in the gasification process and material to produce heat, reflux mode to the remaining air conditioning are collected, by using pipeline valve regulating backflow air compensation of air conditioning for crusher cavity, the precooling of materials, enclosed conveying, enclosed grading, discharging reflux, cold media usage, power organization, crushing transit has reached the best effect of heat preservation. Has reached the international leading level in energy consumption!

  5. Using field

    A. chemical industry and coating industry:

    Metal wall coating field: teflon, PA, PC, PU, PP, PE coating powder; Plastic coating: adhesive coating, high bonding coating; Silent coating: elastomer, nano sound-absorbing coating; Anticorrosive coating; Absorbing coating and other materials used for ultra-fine grinding. In the primary color crushing technology (natural color masterbatch crushing) reached the international advanced level.

    B. food and health products

    The crushing of plant fruits, animal and plant extracts, Chinese patent medicines, natural and synthetic elements can ensure that the original elements are not lost in the crushing and drying process.

    C. recycling:

    Low temperature crushing method for low melting point plastics, high self lubricating materials, waste rubber and collagen glue. This series of machines belongs to the micro powder technology, which is applied to the crushing of polymer materials such as polypropylene, polyethylene, polycarbonate, polyamide, teflon, ABS, elastomer, raw rubber, rubber, phenolic group, polyester and so on to 100-600 mesh. For high-water content categories, such as: animal and plant extracts, Chinese patent medicine, synthetic fiber, seaweed extracts, etc. Strong fibrous materials, animal placenta, honeycomb, special materials of body fluids. Widely used in polyester powder coating, sheep placenta oral capsule is a big breakthrough.