High - Pressure Cleaning Machine In The Clear Process Of Failure To Do?

- Nov 07, 2018-

Cleaning machine use process, it is hard to avoid failure. When the problem appears, should look up the reason carefully according to different breakdown phenomenon.

1) the spray gun does not spray water

A) water inlet and water inlet filter are blocked.

B) nozzle blockage.

C) the heating screw pipe is blocked, and scale is removed when necessary.

2) unstable outlet pressure

A) insufficient water supply.

B) the air suction line is caused by pipeline rupture and the detergent suction nozzle is not inserted into the detergent.

C) nozzle wear.

D) high pressure water pump seal leakage.

3) the burner does not ignite

A) insufficient air intake and white smoke.

B) dirty and clogged fuel filters, fuel pumps and fuel nozzles.

C) the solenoid valve is damaged.

F) the position of the ignition electrode changes, and the spark is too weak.

E) high voltage ignition coil is damaged.

F) pressure switch damage.

High temperature and high pressure cleaning machine above problems, users can find their own reasons, troubleshooting. But cleaning machine if there is a pump leakage, crankcase oil leakage and other more serious fault, should be sent to the cleaning machine accessories complete, strong technical force of professional maintenance department repair, so as to avoid causing unnecessary economic losses.