How To Maintain The Conveyor Belt

- Nov 28, 2018-

First: conveyor belt any concave transition of the claw pulley. Practice has proved that the horizontal strength of the steel rope conveyor belt is insufficient. When starting, the belt repulsion wheel causes excessive local stress on the conveyor belt, leading to the tearing of the conveyor belt.

Second: improve the industrial conveyor belt hopper. Improving the hopper of industrial conveyor belt is one of the effective measures to prevent the early damage of conveyor belt. The feeding hopper at the junction of each belt conveyor is improved to increase its ability to pass through foreign bodies by 2.5 times. The long and large foreign bodies are not easy to get stuck between the funnel wall and the conveyor belt in the conveying process, thus reducing the probability of foreign bodies tearing the conveyor belt. The material guide apron at the hopper makes the gap between it and the conveyor belt run more and more along the direction of the conveyor belt, so as to solve the problem of coal and gift blocks stuck between the conveyor belt and the speech board and eliminate the damage caused by the conveyor belt. The hopper with a large drop is equipped with buffer baffle inside to avoid direct impact of materials on the conveyor belt..