Instructions For Crusher Operation

- Oct 10, 2019-

Instructions for crusher operation

1. When we use the plastic grinder, we should place it on the flat ground, preferably in a flat and ventilated room, which can effectively ensure the normal heat dissipation of the motor and effectively extend its service life

2. We should pay attention to the timely addition of lubricating oil when using the plastic grinder for a long time, and do not make the bearing work in a dry state. Long-term non-replacement of lubricating oil will lead to the metal falling off the bearing surface and reduce the service life of the machine

3. After each use, we should check whether the screws of the machine are loose. If they are loose, we should take the tools for reinforcement in time to keep the blade and tool holder fixed

4. In order to ensure the working efficiency of the machine, we should timely check the sharpness of props after long-term use, and replace them in time if there is any damage, to prevent the damage of other unnecessary parts caused by blunt knives

5, in the second start, we need to clean up and indoor residual broken, so can reduce the starting resistance, extend the service life of click, and we also need to repair and maintenance of belt guard on a regular basis, cleaning ash mouth, clean up in time can effectively avoid the mill discharge of powder into the bearing of the machine

6, the placement of the machine to be stable, can not prevent on other substances, to prevent the machine in the process of operation of the situation of the side down

7. After long-term use of plastic crusher, we also need to test whether the belt of plastic crusher is slack. If slack occurs, we should timely adjust it to tighten it

8. Keep the feed of the crusher uniform, prevent overload or idle, and prevent metal, wood and other unbreakable items from entering the machine and causing unnecessary damage

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