Knowledge Of Plastic Crusher

- Jun 20, 2019-

Plastic crusher is used to break waste plastics and factory plastic scraps. Plastic crusher is widely used in waste plastic recycling and factory waste material recycling. The motor power of the plastic crusher is between 3.5 and 150 kw, and the rotation speed of the knife roller is generally between 150 and 500rpm. There are tangential feeding and top feeding on the structure; The knife roller is different from the solid knife roller and the hollow knife roller.


Plastic crusher, also known as Plastic crusher is mainly used for crushing all kinds of Plastic plastics and rubber such as Plastic profile, tube, rod, silk thread, film, waste rubber products. Granulator can be used directly by extruder or injection molding, or can be recycled by basic granulation. Plastic crusher is also a peripheral equipment of the injection molding machine, which can be broken to recover defective products and nozzle materials produced by the injection molding machine.

The principle :

Plastic crusher through the motor to drive the knife knife plate at high speed, and in the process of high-speed rotation of the moving knife knife to form the trend of the relative movement of the knife with the knife gap is formed between the shear plastic crushing incision caused by the large pieces of plastic are broken, broken after the plastic on plastic particle size through the screen mesh filter output.


It can be used for crushing and recycling all waste plastics, such as box, thin pipe fittings, blow molding parts, bottles, shells, household plastic supplies, etc., or it can be used as an auxiliary machine for re-crushing and utilizing the nozzle materials or defective parts of the injection molding machine.


A hard plastic crusher

1. Grinding recovery of ABS, PE, PP boards, etc.

2. The rectangular feeding port is specially designed for the crushing of plate materials to facilitate the crushing of strip plates and improve the working efficiency. The crushing recovery system can be composed of suction fan and storage bucket to give full play to the recovery efficiency.

3. Adopt sealed bearing to keep the bearing rotating well for a long time; The knife shape design is reasonable, the product becomes the grain evenly; Thermal shrinkage treatment of knife holder, beautiful and generous appearance design.

Second, the strong plastic shredder

1, the blade knife structure between claw knife, flat knife, suitable for crushing ordinary sheet, pipe, profile, plate and packaging materials and other plastic products.

2, universal plastic grinder, using sealed bearing, make the bearing rotation for a long time to maintain good; Reasonable blade design, using alloy steel blade, product granulation uniformity; Thermal shrinkage treatment of knife seat, and after strict balance test, the appearance design is beautiful and generous.

Three, plastic pipe plastic crusher

1. Suitable for crushing all kinds of small and medium-sized plastic pipes, such as PE, PVC pipes, silicon core pipes, etc.

2. The unique circular tube-type feeding port is designed for the crushing of pipe materials, which is convenient for the crushing of strip pipes and improves the working efficiency. The crusher recovery system can be composed of suction fan and storage bucket to give full play to the recovery efficiency.