Large PVC Tube Crusher

- Nov 20, 2019-

Plastic basket special crushing and cleaning machine, referred to as plastic crusher, also called waste plastic crusher, beverage bottle crusher, plastic basket with low speed, low noise, cutting fast slag and other characteristics.At the same time, wet crushing, in addition to the use of water impact force to strengthen the t fragment cleaning effect, and because of the cooling effect of water to reduce friction heat, extended the tool service life, low maintenance cost, long service life!

Medium and small crusher

Scope of application: for a variety of hollow thin-walled bottle has a very good crushing effect, high production efficiency, crushing plastic baskets of plastic materials, high yield. The unique design of cutting tools is suitable for crushing hollow thin-walled products, sheet and scrap, large-scale hollow thin-walled plastic products, large hollow box, large plastics (box), plastic products without decomposition into broken or crushed can be directly.It has the characteristics of strong crushing ability and high efficiency. This machine can be customized for lifting and lifting by hand, which is convenient for changing and sharpening knives.