Main Features Of Screw Feeder

- Aug 01, 2018-

1, dedicated to the measurement and control of powder materials.

2. The feeding screw has a unique steady flow structure, and the feed powder on the whole section of the feed inlet sinks evenly, making it difficult to arch and flush.

3. Cycloid needle wheel deceleration motor ensures long-term stable operation.

4. Variable pitch structure and outlet overflow mode are adopted to stabilize the flow, effectively solving the problem of material blanking (>60T/H adopts double pipe to stabilize the flow).

5. The measuring screw scale adopts 3 high-precision sensors (tension) to directly weigh the structure, which successfully solves the error caused by the lever weighing and greatly improves the measuring accuracy.

6. Adopt digital acquisition module with effective resolution up to 1 million; Collection rate 50 times/second; Annual drift less than 50PPM; Temperature drift is less than 50PPM.

7, sealed structure, reduce dust exposure.