No Dust Crusher Plastic Rubber Head Crusher

- Nov 28, 2019-

Overview of strong crusher:

The strong crusher belongs to the simple swing jaw crusher.It is mainly composed of frame, moving jaw, connecting rod part, bracket part, adjusting part and driving part.When the crusher works, the motor drives the eccentric shaft to rotate through the triangle belt and belt pulley, making the connecting rod body move up and down, driving the toggle plate to push the moving jaw forward and backward, thus making the materials into the crushing chamber broken under the impact, extrusion, bending and other loads.

Strong crusher product features:

1. Widely applicable, able to break and recycle plastic products of various materials and shapes;

2. The processing technology is mature, and the box body, tool rest and other important parts are processed as a whole to ensure the matching accuracy;

3. Reasonable structure, convenient operation, energy-saving and durable, practical economy;

4. Equipped with a number of safety protection devices to ensure safe operation;

5. Double-layer design of hopper to reduce noise.