Operate The Jaw Crusher Safely

- Sep 27, 2018-

1, according to the use of the situation, the gravel rolling trough should be set above the protective cover, to prevent the gravel from rolling trough collapse out of people.

2, before starting, to clear the crusher and surrounding debris, must check the lubrication parts, and hand moving several circles, each part of the mechanism is flexible to allow the boot.

3. When the crusher is working, it is strictly prohibited to remove stones from the jaw plate by hand. If there is any fault, it shall be handled with tools such as crowbar and iron hook.

4. If the machine stops due to the blocking of materials in the crushing chamber, the motor shall be immediately shut down and started again after the materials are cleared.

5. When adjusting the discharge port, loosen the tightening spring first, and after the adjustment, properly adjust the tensioning degree of the spring and tighten the bolt to prevent the lining plate from falling off during work.

6, crusher work, to prevent the stone embedded in the tension spring, and affect the spring strength.