PET Bottle Pressure Crusher

- Dec 19, 2019-

Product description:

Plastic crusher is used to crush all kinds of plastic and rubber such as plastic profile, pipe, rod, silk thread, film, waste rubber products and other waste plastic and factory plastic scrap machine, widely used in waste plastic recycling and recycling of factory scrap.The crushed granule can be directly used by extruder or injection molding machine, and can also be recycled by granulation on the basis.The motor power of plastic crusher is between 3.5 and 150 kw, and the speed of knife roll is generally between 150 and 500r/min.There are tangential feeding and top feeding in the structure, and the knife roller is different from the solid knife roller and the hollow guide roller.

Working principle:

Plastic crusher through the motor to drive the knife knife plate at high speed, and in the process of high-speed rotation of the moving knife knife form the trend of relative movement, using the knife and formed between the fixed knife gap caused by plastic crushing the incision to large pieces of plastic pieces, and shredded plastic on plastic particle size through the screen mesh filter output.

Main functions:

Can be used for boxes, thin pipe fittings, blow molding parts, bottles, household appliances shell and injection molding machine produced by the defective products and waste plastic recycling or as the injection molding machine auxiliary machine for the injection molding machine nozzle materials or defective parts for re-crushing use.


1. The plastic crusher shall be placed in a ventilated position to ensure the heat emission of the motor and extend its service life;

2. The bearing shall be lubricated regularly to ensure the lubrication between the bearings;

3. Check the tool screws regularly. After using the new plastic grinder for 1 hour, tighten the screws of the moving knife and fixing knife with tools to strengthen the fixation between the blade and the tool holder;

4, in order to ensure the sharpness of the cutting tool, should often check the tool, to ensure the sharpness, reduce the blunt edge caused by the unnecessary damage to other parts;

5, when changing the tool, the gap between the moving knife and the fixed knife :20HP crusher above 0.8mm is better, 20HP crusher below 0.5mm is better.The thinner the recycled material is, the larger the clearance can be;

6. Before the second start, the remaining debris in the machine room should be cleared first to reduce the starting resistance, and after the crushing, try to let the crusher run for a while to discharge the internal residual materials;

7, the machine should maintain good grounding;

8. Regularly check whether the plastic crusher belt is loose and tighten it in time to avoid the production decline caused by belt damage and crushing weakness.