PET Special Mill

- Dec 20, 2019-

Features: 1. Quick and convenient to clean the inside: open the bottom body and the screen together, the inside of the body can be seen in a glance.Internal cleaning is fast and efficient.Open mode to cylinder control, labor saving, convenient,

2. Quick and convenient tool change: this mechanical design, the machine does not need to open into the hopper, directly with the screw lift to open the body, can perform the operation of tool change.

3. Cutting type cross cutting design: 4 rows of rotary knives, 1 and 3 rows of left oblique, 2 and 4 rows of right oblique, balance effect and concentrated crushing, will not let the crushing material concentrated in a side of the crushing chamber.Improve efficiency and reduce motor utilization.

4. Water cooling circulation system design, can be smashed in 24 hours.