Slow Crusher

- Jul 05, 2019-


  Slow crusher, because of low rotation speed, so the use of low noise, little powder. Crusher is suitable for the crushing and machine side of shuikou recycling, convenient operation, excellent quality, European style, small size, slow mute, uniform particles, less dust, the cutting tool service life is long, is mainly used to placed next to the plastic molding machine and manipulator with material floolwing shattered into granule, then back to the plastic molding by recovery unit immediately several recycled again.

1.Scope of application

 Widely used in: plastic factory, electronics factory, plastic container factory, lighting factory, shoe factory, electrical factory, auto parts factory, luggage factory, granule factory, waste recycling factory, plastic furniture factory, plastic toy factory, plastic kitchenware factory, etc.

Suitable for crushing and recycling PC, nylon, ABC and other hard nozzle materials.


  According to the motor power, the slow crusher is divided into: 2HP, 3HP, 5HP, 10HP, 15HP, 20HP, 100HP and so on. According to function into hopper - type mill, recycling mill and low - speed mill. According to the cutter can be divided into single-layer and double-layer slow crusher.


Electrical: guanhua motor, schneider and zhengtai electrical.

Different cutter materials are selected according to different crushing materials :9SiCr (alloy tool steel), skd-11, chromium-molybdenum-vanadium.

Screen material: 4.5mm thick carbon steel plate (aperture? 6 mm).

4.Product features

Time saving: immediate recovery within 30 seconds, no need to wait for centralized crushing, and clean, clean;

Improve quality: the nozzle material will be oxidized and moistened (absorb water) after being taken out at high temperature and destroy the physical property.

Save money: short time of recycling, avoid pollution, mixing caused by the defect rate, can reduce plastic, labor, management, storage, material purchase funds waste and loss;

Durable: adopt Taiwan speed motor, high quality precision cutting tool, double layer stainless steel material door, no sieve net design uniform material and dust, durable.