The Fault Reason And Elimination Method Of Jaw Crusher

- Oct 03, 2018-

Failure: the flywheel rotates but the jaw stops swinging. Reasons: 1. The thrust plate is broken; 2. 2. The connecting rod is damaged; 3, spring fracture. 1. Replace thrust plate; 2. Repair the connecting rod; 3. Replace the spring.

Fault: loose tooth plate, metal impact. Cause: tooth plate fixed screw or side wedge loose or loose. Exclusion: tighten or replace screws or side wedges.

Fault: bearing temperature is too high. Causes: 1. Insufficient or dirty grease; 2. 2. Improper bearing clearance or poor bearing contact or bearing damage. Exclusion methods: 1. Add new grease; 2. Adjust the tightness of bearing or repair bearing bearing bearing bush or replace bearing.

Fault: coarse product granularity. Cause: significant wear on the lower part of the tooth plate. Exclusion method: turn the tooth plate or adjust the discharge port.

Fault: collision sound of thrust plate bearing pad is caused by: 1. Insufficient spring tension; 2. 2, support pad wear or loose elimination method: 1, adjust the spring force or replace the spring; 2. Tighten or modify the supporting seat.

Fault: spring rupture. Cause: the spring is not released when the discharge port is adjusted small. Exclusion method: the discharge port in the hours of first relax the spring, adjusted after the appropriate tightening rod nut.