Troubleshooting Of Shears

- Jun 13, 2018-

1. Ask the equipment operator to understand the operation status of the hydraulic system of the plate shears. It includes: whether the hydraulic system of plate shears works normally; Whether there is abnormal phenomenon in the hydraulic pump; Testing time and result of hydraulic oil cleanliness; Filter element cleaning and replacement; Whether the hydraulic components are adjusted before failure; Whether the sealing element has been replaced; What abnormal phenomena have appeared in the hydraulic system of the plate shearing machine before and after the fault; The system in the past what fault, how to eliminate, etc., to understand one by one.

2. Observe the actual working condition of the hydraulic system of the plate shears, and observe whether there are problems in system pressure, speed, oil, leakage, vibration, etc.

3. Listen to the sound of the hydraulic system of the plate shears, such as the impact sound; Pump noise and abnormal sound; Judge whether the hydraulic system works normally.

4, touch the temperature rise, vibration, crawling and the tightness of the connection to determine the shear machine hydraulic system moving parts working status is normal.