Use And Maintenance Of Screw Feeder

- Jul 31, 2018-

A, feeder, such as used for ingredients, quantitative feeding, to ensure the uniform stability of feed, prevent the complete materials should be installed, such as general continuous feeding material, can install downdip 10 °. For larger viscous material and water content of the material can be installed downdip 15 °.

B. After installation, the feeder shall have a swimming clearance of 20mm, and the horizontal shall be horizontal. The suspension device shall be flexibly connected.

C. Before the air test, all the bolts shall be strengthened once, especially the vibration electromagnetic anchor bolts, which shall be tightened once again after continuous operation for 3-5 hours.

D. The two vibration motors must rotate in the direction of.

E. During feeding, the stability of amplitude, current and noise should be checked frequently during operation, and any abnormality should be stopped in time.

F. The electromagnetic bearing shall be lubricated every 2 months, and in high temperature season, it shall be lubricated every month.