Water Bottle Crusher

- Dec 04, 2019-

The materials suitable for crushing are as follows: barrel products: plastic drum, metal drum, paint drum, IBC drum, garbage can;Garbage: household garbage, medical garbage, kitchen garbage, industrial garbage, garden garbage;Plastic products: plastic bottles, plastic frames, plastic blocks, plastic cans;Metal products: aluminum profiles, oil filters, car shells, cans, metal cans;Paper: newspaper, cardboard, corrugated, copy paper;Electronic appliances: refrigerator, circuit board, laptop case, TV case, CD;Glass products: glass wool, glass, glass bottles and other materials.

Typical applications of biaxial shredder are as follows:

Plastics - mixed plastics, plastic drums or containers, etc.;Electronic appliances -- waste household appliances;Tyres - car tyres, truck tyres with thick steel wires removed;Wood -- earth support board, etc.;Packaging materials - cardboard, etc.;Metals - lead, aluminum, copper, etc.Chemical fiber.

Main features:

Low speed, high torque shear;Low dust, low noise;Very low maintenance frequency;The damping device of the reducer protects the transmission parts;The cutting tool is made of high strength alloy heat treatment, suitable for cutting various high strength materials;Lower and upper folio bearing block design for easy maintenance of bearings and rotors;Advanced sealing system to prevent material leakage from the box body, to ensure the service life of the bearing;Independent control electrical box;The whole machine system meets the safety standard.

The two-axis shredder, also known as the shear shredder, cuts, tears, and squeezes.this shredder is widely used for scrap plastics, rubber, wood, and other bulk wastes.Introduce more than 30 years' experience of this kind of equipment from Europe and America to China, and improve it according to the actual situation in China, research and develop, introduce the series of twin-shaft shredder with mature technology and advanced design, so as to provide reliable quality equipment for the crushing in the early stage of waste recycling and capacity reduction treatment in China.

Use of multi-function shredder:

The thickness of the shredder tool and the number of claws can be changed according to different materials.Crushing hollow material can be equipped with a pressing device to increase production.Low speed operation, noise and dust can achieve higher environmental standards.

Note: in recent years, with plastic bags, the snake bag, tons of bags, fishing nets, tires, plastic film the wide use of plastic products, how to effectively after the recycling use of waste has become many widely to solve the problem, some companies by buying expensive or high power and low efficiency of the equipment to recycle, investment cost is too high, some plastic products direct burning, affect the environment, but also not conducive to the sustainable development of economy.How to recycle waste economically and effectively has become a key research topic for companies.The appearance of biaxial shredder effectively alleviates this problem.