Water-cooled Beverage Bottle Crusher

- Dec 13, 2019-

PET plastic recycling crusher, also known as plastic crusher, is mainly used for crushing various plastic plastics and rubber such as plastic profiles, tubes, rods, silk thread, film, waste rubber products.Granule can be used directly by extruder or injection molding, and can also be recycled by foundation granulation.Plastic crusher is also a peripheral equipment injection molding machine, can be broken and recycled injection molding machine produced defective products and nozzle material machine.

PET plastic recycle crusher through the motor to drive the knife knife plate at high speed, and in the process of high-speed rotation of the moving knife knife form the trend of the relative movement of the knife with the knife gap is formed between the shear plastic crushing incision caused by the large pieces of plastic are broken, broken after the plastic on plastic particle size through the screen mesh filter output.


PET plastic recycling crusher features:

1. Strong crusher for all kinds of plastic products and used materials, crushing and recycling.

2, the steel body structure, stable and durable, long-term use will not affect the performance of the machine because of crushing material.

3. Heavy-duty bearing and oil-sealing device, with sound insulation board, can reduce crushing noise, and the crushing material is not polluted.

4. Electric control safety design, the motor is equipped with over-load protection device and power supply linkage protection device, which is safe when cleaning.

5. The cutter of the crusher can be telescopic and adjusted, and it can be used for many times with a long life.

6, separation design, blanking door, crushing room filter screen, easy to remove and wash.