What Happened To The Conveyor Belt Tear?

- Jan 24, 2019-

1. Belt tear caused by impurities in conveying materials. For the coal port, the impurities in the conveying materials are mainly due to the poor quality of the coal. The large lump coal and various impurities in the raw coal, such as iron and wood rods, cause about 70-80% of the tear. Therefore, ensuring the quality of the source coal is the key to prevent the tear.

2. Belt tear caused by improper installation of auxiliary equipment of belt conveyor. Belt conveyor auxiliary equipment, liner falling, iron remover adsorption of sharp iron, sweeper improper installation may cause tearing and scraping of the conveyor belt, the common conveyor belt without transverse protection structure, can not prevent tearing.

3. Belt tear caused by incomplete structure of belt conveyor. As the structure of the belt conveyor is not perfect, the drop point of the conveyor belt has a large drop, the relative speed of impurities in the coal flow is large, the impact force is large, and sharp and hard ultra-long impurities are easy to be inserted into the conveyor belt at the drop point, resulting in the tearing of the conveyor belt.

4, caused by the material caused by the conveyor belt tear. Transfer chute small, easy to prevent material and impurities through the conveyor belt caused by tearing.

5. The deviation of the conveyor belt causes edge pulling.

6, return with coils, etc.

In addition, aging of adhesive at conveyor belt joints causes water to flow into the core layer of the conveyor belt, causing corrosion of the steel rope to be drawn out and tearing.