Small Auger Conveyor

Small Auger Conveyor

By continuously comparing the set value with the actual weight of the material conveyed by the screw, the running speed of the steady flow screw is continuously adjusted. Therefore, the material flow can always be stabilized at the set value.
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Product Details

1. Product structure:

1. Spiral shaft and suspension bearing, head and tail shaft are connected by inserting tongue type, installation and disassembly need not move axially, and maintenance is convenient. Length of mandrel, less hanging, fewer breakdown points

2. Adopt variable diameter structure, increase the volume of suspension bearing, avoid contact between suspension bearing and material, and the service life of suspension bearing can reach more than two years.

3. All transmission parts adopt floating connection mode. The suspension bearing is universal joint structure, which makes the spiral body, suspension bearing and tail form an integral floating body. Within a certain range, it can rotate freely with transmission resistance to avoid collision, no stuffing and no blocking.

2. Product classification:

The screw feeder can be divided into two series according to the requirement of using environment: single-tube screw feeder and U-type LS screw feeder. The single-tube screw feeder uses sealed conveying material, which has good sealing property, can avoid dust pollution to the environment, improve working conditions, has the characteristics of stable feeding, can realize gas lock, can also eliminate the phenomenon of material reflux, and single-tube screw feeder can also be rooted. 

3.(1). Adopt imported special tool steel to refine the cutter, the gap of the cutter can be adjusted, it can be repeatedly sharpened, and it is durable.

(2). High strength steel screws are used to tighten the blade and the blade holder, with strong bearing capacity.

(3). Low speed, sound insulation, minimal noise.

(4). The motor is equipped with over-load protection and power interlock protection device, which can double protect the safety of motor and operator.

(5). The hopper adopts optimized design and special anti-rust treatment to avoid leakage and pollution of materials in the crushing process.

(6). Separated design, hopper, main body and base of sieve screen can be easily disassembled and cleaned.

(7). The perfect design of discharging device makes it very convenient for operators to clean up.

(8). Stepped knife design, especially strong crushing force.

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