Black Rock Crusher Broken Sand Industry Preferred Brand

Black Rock Crusher Broken Sand Industry Preferred Brand

Baoding shunping haode machinery co. LTD 7.5 KW mill crusher Engaged in the r&d, design, production, sales: industrial robots, intelligent mechanical equipment, metal mold, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, stamping equipment, injection equipment, automated machinery and equipment,...
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After hard work and innovation, and years of professional accumulation, our company has developed into the largest Tube Crusher, Mineral Water Bottle Stripper, Rubber Wear Resistant Conveyor Belt manufacturer in China. Our goal is to provide customers with high quality and flawless products in a timely manner, so that the satisfaction of customers can reach 100%. Our company invests in an advanced network management system to strengthen internal and external communication, enhance the clarity of work, help customers effectively save resources and enhance the value of customers' work. We believe we will become a leader in developing and producing high quality products in both Chinese and international markets. Our company has strict management, scientific production, and we emphasize quality control internally and market expansion externally.

1, do not replace belt pulley casually, in case the high speed makes the crushing chamber explosion, or the speed is too low to affect the work efficiency of the grinder

2. The crusher should idle for 2~3 minutes after starting, and feed after no abnormal phenomenon

3. Pay attention to the operation of the grinder at any time in the work, feed evenly to avoid blocking the boring car, do not work overload for a long time. If the vibration and noise of the bearing and the body temperature is too high, and the material is sprayed outward, the machine should be shut down immediately for inspection and troubleshooting before continuing to work

7.5 KW mill crusher Structural characteristics of

1) the motor is equipped with overload protection device and power connection protection to protect the motor machine cutter.

2) can choose different material cutter machine different diameter screen.

3) the machine foot is equipped with pulley, which is easy to move.

4) buffer room design and curtain design of concentrate mouth to avoid material flying test

Our Black Rock Crusher Broken Sand Industry Preferred Brand is a perfect blend of perfect ideas, unique styles, humanized functions, excellent quality and good materials. We believe that you will be glad with our realistic selling price, high-quality products and solutions and rapid delivery. Our company is equipped with a complete R&D, manufacturing, inspection, sales professional team, always aiming at the market trend, to ensure that products have strong competitiveness in the market.
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