Plastic Bottle Recycling Production Plant (T500)

Plastic Bottle Recycling Production Plant (T500)

Type 80 plastic crusher function:mainly apply to crush PET bottle,oil pot,PVC,HDPE and so on. power:30kw ; weight:1200kg; conveyor type:type C ; output:1000kg/h. Operation and precautions Test run (1). Close the magnetic starter and send electricity by hand; (2). Press the button for two or...
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In the course of many years of development, we have always implemented the policy of 'worrying about the customers' worries', insisting on meeting the needs of our customers with high-quality Plastic Scrap Crusher, pet bottle scrap recycling, Automatic And Efficient Stripper and good service. We keep up with the market pulse, while adhering to advanced production and quality inspection equipment, we actively select outstanding talents and continue to develop and innovate. The core values that our company has always adhered to are to create value for customers, bring more benefits for partners and establish a better future for the employees. We actively improve the management level and production capacity, so that we always maintain competitiveness in the fierce market competition, and achieve rapid and stable development.
  1. Type 80 plastic crusher

    function:mainly apply to crush PET bottle,oil pot,PVC,HDPE and so on.

    power:30kw ;       weight:1200kg;

    conveyor type:type C  ;        output:1000kg/h.

  2. Operation and precautions

  3. Test run

    (1). Close the magnetic starter and send electricity by hand;

    (2). Press the button for two or three times;

    (3). Start and idle for 1-2 weeks;

    (4), transfer machine, crusher combined operation;

    (5). Check if there is no abnormality and send the starting signal.

    (6). During operation, the machinery and motor shall be free from vibration, sound and humidity shall be normal, the temperature of each bearing shall not exceed 75℃, and the temperature of the motor shall not exceed the manufacturer's regulations.

    (7), the chain tightness of the transfer machine must be consistent, in the case of full load, the chain tightness is not allowed to exceed the length of two links, there shall be no stuck chain, chain skipping phenomenon.

    (8). After the fusible plug or explosive piece of the coupling joint of the retractor is damaged, it shall not be replaced by wood or other materials.

    (9), the crusher protection net safety device should be kept intact, in the process of work to often check, if there is damage should be immediately shut down.

    (10), the transfer machine tail protection and other safety devices must be guaranteed intact.

    (11), transfer transfer machine.

  4. Product features:

    (1). The power seat is designed as a trapezoid, which USES chip force decomposition, resulting in double increase of chip force.

    (2). Heavy-duty bearing and oil seal device, with sound-proof partition, can effectively prevent vibration and ensure that the broken plastic is free from grease pollution.

    (3). The motor is equipped with overload protection system, which interlocks with the power supply system; Good safety performance, drop hopper and crushing room to leave the emergency power, to ensure the personal safety of the operator.

    (4). The installation design of the cutter can be retractable and adjusted. After being blunt, it can be used for many times, with long service life.

    (5). Separation design, hopper, crushing room, filter screen, easy to disassemble and wash.

We intention to create extra worth for Plastic Bottle Recycling Production Plant (T500). In terms of fire safety, the company replaced and added a large number of fire-fighting facilities in production workshops, office spaces, and living areas. Service, quality and price are the beginning of cooperation between our company and our customers.
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