Rainbow Glitter Pattern Heat Transfer Vinyl Rolls for Garment Trademark Lettering ...

Rainbow Glitter Pattern Heat Transfer Vinyl Rolls for Garment Trademark Lettering ...

High production trademark peeling machine The main body of the machine is divided into three parts: 1.2. Main engine cylinder;3. Separation room. The function of pet stripper: it is mainly to meet the production needs of pet bottle stripper on the cleaning line and pet bottle stripper on the...
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'Reasonable Value and Efficient Service' for PET recycled products mill, Flexible Screw Conveyor, Small Conveyor Belt. We always hold the philosophy of win-win, and build long-term cooperation relationship with customers from around the world. Through continuous efforts and strong support from new and old customers, our products have been widely used in various fields, and the excellent product quality and service have been fully affirmed by customers. We make unremitting efforts for the promotion and popularization of our products and service.

High yield trademark peeler

The machine is divided into three parts :1. Main engine cylinder; 2. Separated room 3. PET stripper functions:

It mainly meets the production needs of the PET bottle stripper on the cleaning line and the PET bottle stripper on the recycling site.

Advantages of PET stripper: it changes the status quo of manual stripper, improves production efficiency, reduces labor intensity, and produces good economic and social benefits.

PET bottle peeling machine representative: multi-functional bottle peeling brush bottle machine, more complete functions, more stable performance.

High yield trademark peeling machine:

Bottles of conveyor belt from the oral material type, in the main shaft centerline and the rotation of the spindle blade welding and spiral Angle, bottle material conveying the discharge end, claw the blade stripping label, built-in nozzle strip tags from fennel rushed out of the 60 Ф round hole of the cage, external spray pipe and the nozzle flush out close it.PET stripper equipped with 3TC-30 self-priming water pump.After the water is washed through the filter, it is returned to the pool for recycling.

High production trademark peeling machine matters needing attention

When using the equipment, all operations of the equipment can be directly placed in the control box and controlled by professionals.Automatic control system can effectively improve customer time and production.

With the concept of science and technology, innovation and development, we have always engaged in both research and production, aiming to be one of the most professional manufacturer of Rainbow Glitter Pattern Heat Transfer Vinyl Rolls for Garment Trademark Lettering .... Since our company was founded, quality has been regarded as the root of team survival, and service quality has been called our platform for victory. The progress of science and technology and the needs of customers are the driving force for our growth. We will give back to our customers with better products, more professional services and more affordable prices.
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