Suspension Belt Type Inline Magnetic Separator Mining Cross Belt Magnetic Separator

Suspension Belt Type Inline Magnetic Separator Mining Cross Belt Magnetic Separator

Paper and plastic separator product features: 1. Haode machinery mineral water bottle stripper selects imported GW1 alloy blade with high hardness, scientific design, stripper efficiency is higher.Choose famous brand all copper wire motor, quality assurance, high efficiency and energy saving,...
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We focus on satisfying the global supply of Food grade PET crusher, Small Conveyor Belt, Hot Water Power Washer, creating shared value for stakeholders, and ultimately achieving sustainable development of the company, society and economy. With the effort to keep pace with world's trend, we'll always endeavor to meet customers' demands. We now have been making our goods for more than 20 years.

Air sorter is also called air sorter pulverizer.It is composed of coarse crushing, fine crushing, wind conveying and other devices, and the purpose of crushing is achieved by using the form of high-speed impact.Use wind power to make powder once.The air sorting mill is used to evenly or quantitatively supply the material from the storage silo or other storage equipment to the receiving equipment.

Air separation powder machine is mainly composed of main machine, fan, separator, powder collector, dust collector and other parts, the main machine is divided into three parts: crushing room, stopper room and fan room.Machine is working, the material from the inlet into the crushing chamber, the fixed on the spindle blade and casing impact between the lining and high gas injection shear crushing, after crushing of the material by plug file room classification into the fan room, waft of the rotor and the fan gravity make the material into the separator, the separator, grading again coarse material crushing chamber to smash again returned by the back feed nozzle, leads into the finished product by induced draft fan set powder bag packaging, afterwinds discharge by dusting powder wind

Innovative, durable and cost-efficient products have secured us a position as a leading global manufacturer of Suspension Belt Type Inline Magnetic Separator Mining Cross Belt Magnetic Separator. Enterprise mission is the fundamental reason for our existence and the responsibility that our company must undertake since its establishment. We introduce modern technology and equipment to improve the company's comprehensive competitiveness.
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