Wholesale Disposable Plastic Compartments Food Container

Wholesale Disposable Plastic Compartments Food Container

1.Type 60 PET bottle specialized crusher Function:mainly apply to PET bottle,oil pot,PVC,HDPE,LDPE,kinds of hard impurities and so on. Power:18.5kw; Weight:850kg; Conveyor belt:type B; Output:700kg/h. 2.Product structure: (1). Crusher body The main body of the equipment adopts high quality steel...
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Since the establishment of our company, we have always been adhering to the everlasting corporate spirit and committed to making each High Production Trademark Peeling Machine, Industrial Rubber Crusher, Pet Plastic Bottle Peeling Machine show the highest level of the times. The continuous innovation of our company also makes the enterprise become a symbol of the industry. Since our establishment, we have always adhered to the enterprise spirit of 'innovation, pragmatism, tenacity, and enterprising' and the business philosophy of winning the market with integrity and solid management to fully realize the social value. We adhere to the people-oriented development concept, and achieve the goal of corporate development through continuous improvement of corporate value. Looking to the future, in order to further consolidate the foundation of enterprise development, we will focus on reforming the organizational culture and rebuilding the appropriate framework.

1.Type 60 PET bottle specialized crusher

Function:mainly apply to PET bottle,oil pot,PVC,HDPE,LDPE,kinds of hard impurities and so on.

Power:18.5kw;     Weight:850kg;

Conveyor belt:type B;     Output:700kg/h.

2.Product structure:

(1). Crusher body

The main body of the equipment adopts high quality steel plate welding stress relief treatment/integral machining to ensure the stability of the equipment under heavy load for a long time.

(2). Working knife/fixed knife

The moving tool material is made of alloy tool steel forging rough, precision machining, multiple heat treatment and low temperature freezing heat treatment technology, and the overall toughness and hardness can be used repeatedly to ensure the cutting performance and service life. Fixed tool adopts hook type installation to optimize tool replacement function and make tool maintenance and replacement more efficient.

(3). Bearing/seal

The bearing seat adopts the split and detach type, which can quickly remove moving knife, fixed knife, bearing and other parts, easy to maintain and replace the cutting tool, the special sealing structure can effectively prevent the contact of broken objects and grease, handling liquid materials can also protect the bearing and gear and so on.

(4). Knife shaft

Using high strength heavy duty steel processing, more reasonable tool tool for cutting to provide strong power.

3.Product features

Time saving: immediate recovery within 30 seconds, no need to wait for centralized crushing, and clean, clean;

Improve quality: the nozzle material will suffer oxidation, humidification (absorption of water) and damage the physical property after being taken out at high temperature. The immediate recovery within 30 seconds can reduce the physical strength and reduce the damage of color and luster.

Save money: short time recycling, avoid pollution, mixing caused by the defect rate, can reduce plastic, labor, management, storage, material purchase funds waste and loss;

Easy to use: easy to disassemble design, easy to change colors and materials, small and small space, suitable for small workshop next to the machine;

Adopt medium speed motor, low noise, low energy consumption;

Stainless steel hopper design, easy to clean, no pollution of raw materials;

The motor is equipped with overload protection device, and power interlock protection system, safe and reliable operation and cleaning;

Automatic recovery system or powder separation system can be selected to fully avoid waste of manpower and materials, so as to achieve the best recovery effect.

Our Wholesale Disposable Plastic Compartments Food Container is carefully crafted on the basis of absorbing the advantages of similar product at home and abroad, reaching the highest standards in the industry with superior performance and high reliability. We are devoted to be a trusted partner of our customers. We have won widespread praise from the market for our high-quality, on-time delivery products. We hope to build long-term friendly cooperative relationship with customers by virtue of professional design, high-quality products, competitive prices and considerate service.
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